Efficiently Working from Home: Fergus’ Dual Office Garage Conversion with a Personal Touch


Fergus and his partner both work from home and both needed space in order to work efficiently, the objective was to create a space for them both to be able to work but not to compromise the space that they had, therefore we created them a dual office within one unaided garage space.

Fergus has his side with all relevant switches, sockets and space he needs to do his work and his partner has the other side again all equipped with everything needed to work. We have also bricked up the front using an exact brick match and installed a window to mirror that of the house making the conversion look completely seemless and as such that it has always been there.

Fergus has included all of his football shirts and memorabilia towards the rear of the garage where his office is for a nice personal touch, but it’s his partner who gets to look out of the window and there lovely view all day ! Sorry Fergus!!

Project Video

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