Playroom & Office Conversion

We converted this garage to a new playroom and Office for both children and parents to enjoy!

James and Casey

These clients had a lovely new build home with a young family and a friendly dog!

Now more than ever they find themselves working from home more and the kids are home more than normal too, therefore, they decided to combine their unused garage space into a playroom/office for all the family to enjoy and utilise.

They have still kept a storage space at the front of the garage for all equipment to be stored such as lawnmowers etc however this is totally separate from the inside of the newly converted space and can be accessed by opening the garage door as normal, every aspect has been handled by ourselves at West Yorkshire Garage Conversions from start to finish, liaising with the clients each step of the way to make sure its all how the wanted it, all works conforming to local building regulation.

Project Pictures

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